Event: Wake Exhibtion

Wake Exhibition

OMR are delighted to sponsor the Wake Exhibtion which runs 9th May 2013 until 19th May 2013, one of Kay’s pieces can be currently viewed in Ormond Meeting Rooms.

WAKE celebrates Kay Bear Koss’s return to solo exhibition. Created to bio.space’s specifications, “the multimedia sculptural installations of this show are comprised of eight years’ worth of detritus, artefacts and abandoned materials. It is at once both the evidence of the passage of a massive undertaking, as well as the public viewing of a role and identity laid to rest. Contextually, it suggests behaviours of consumption and materialism, and the trails we all leave behind.”

Kay Bear Koss is an artist, writer and curator who has worked with community-based non-profit organisations and arts projects in several countries over the past ten years. Koss came to Ireland from Tucson, Arizona in 2004 to complete an MFA in Virtual Realities at NCAD, and has been exhibiting and working from Dublin ever since. Besides co-founding IMOCA, Kay is also the founder of Moxie Studios, a not-for-profit organization that is the largest studio and exhibition network in Ireland. Kay’s personal practice and research can be found at transeverythingism.com.
Exhibition is open 12 to 6pm until Sunday 19th May.