Why OMR?

  1. State of the Art Meeting Room facilities in a neutral setting.
  2. Personal, professional and confidential services.
  3. Competitive prices and value for money.


Typically used to resolve a conflict between two or more parties with the guidance of an Accredited Mediator, Mediation, or Alternative Dispute Resolution, is being used more and more in Ireland as a less stressful, less expensive and more private alternative to Court. The process is based on communication between the parties to negotiate a resolution.

Ormond Meeting Rooms (OMR) is your one-stop-shop for mediations. As well as ensuring that your air conditioned meeting room is laid out to your specification, we have a list of accredited mediators for you to choose from. To make your task even less stressful, we can provide morning/afternoon tea/coffee, hot or cold lunch and/or evening meal at very competitive rates and when you have come to a settlement, we offer secretarial services, i.e. typing up your document, which can be printed, emailed to you and then deleted from our system to ensure confidentiality or you can type it up and we will print as many copies as you want.

We also offer a host of facilities, including audio conferencing, video conferencing, document scanning and complementary High-speed Wi-Fi, to name but a few (click here to see list of facilities).

Why Choose OMR For Your Mediation

Neutral Setting

OMR is a neutral venue for all parties to a mediation, away from the hustle of the courts, but located in the heart of Dublin’s Legal Community with excellent accessibility to the various transportation services.

Ease of Bookings

Simply send us a booking enquiry via our website or call us and we will do the rest.  We will take the hassle out of the arrangements.

  • OMR can contact the other party involved to establish booking requirements, distribution of costs, and deal with all lines of communication.
  • OMR can supply various sized rooms for the parties involved.


OMR can arrange a Mediator for your booking.


We can offer a range of catering services throughout the day.

Administration Support

During your mediation, should you require any typing, photocopying, binding, emailing or scanning, we are here to help.

Greeting Clients

Mediations can be a stressful time for all involved. We will:

  • Welcome everyone involved and assist in ensuring everyone is comfortable.
  • Assisting in bringing your document boxes to your room.
  • Show you to your room and where the other party and the mediator are situated.
  • Give you a list of rooms/parties.


OMR operates with a “Can Do” attitude.  Each of our staff members will do their best not to say “NO”.  As long as the mediation takes, we are here.

OMR’s standard hours are 8.30am to 5.30pm. However, we are available 24/7 on request.

Client Invoicing

OMR will ensure you receive your bill no later than the next working day.  This can be split 50% to each party or however you require.

Follow Up

We value our clients’ feedback and always try to follow up on how you rated our mediation services.