Ormond Meeting Rooms offers stenography services in partnership with Grainne Smyth Stenography.


    • Realtime:  Realtime for up to 14 laptops onsite.  Transcript is available by end of day in hard or soft copy.  We can also supply laptops free of charge if required or can install the realtime software on the client’s laptop.


    • Overnight Transcription:  Transcript is available the following day in hard or soft copy.


    • Ordinary Transcription:  Stenographer for the duration required and proofed transcript is available within 10 working days in hard or soft copy.


    • We can also offer the realtime text to a specially designed website, for clients who can’t be on site.  It is private and confidential, each client will have their own login details.  This can also be used to provide text of meetings held via Tandberg/Polycom Videoconferencing.


  • We do not hold copyright on the transcript and will supply the transcript bound or unbound in hard copy or in soft copy (Word or PDF)