There are 11 room options at OMR to choose from, suitable for Seminars, Training sessions, AGM Meetings, Conferences, Consultations and Video Conferences and public/private hearings, to name but a few.

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Clients attending the nearby Four Courts, may meet prior, during or after their case is heard to discuss their case with Counsel and Legal Team.

Individual rooms are bright, spacious, modern and air conditioned.  All rooms are acoustically treated for maximum privacy.  Parties to any ADR process can be accommodated in non-adjacent rooms during the course of their meeting.

Standard room set up is boardroom style, however a variety of other set-ups are available, i.e. theatre, classroom, banquet or cocktail style set up.  ADR bookings are set by either Arbitration/Mediation or boardroom.  Our largest room is Room 14, this seats up to 100 persons theatre style, ideal for training sessions, tribunal or seminars.  Our second largest room is Room 11 and this can seat 60 persons theatre style.